About Us

Breakwater Associates is a small business, located in Silver Spring, Maryland.  We have subject matter experts throughout the country that utilize the best theory, data and practice available to help clients make decisions and manage change.


We rely on facts, industry trends, policy changes, and research to help our clients manage and sustain growth, demonstrate accountability and maximize revenue. We strive to exceed our client’s expectations for the high integrity of our methods and findings, the objectivity of our thinking, and the practical utility of our results.

What We Do
A large government-funded client is experiencing a business challenge — they are faced with a myriad of new rules and regulations that need to be implemented immediately, while continuing to provide critical services to the community. The challenge is further compounded by the realization that continued funding for its programs require greater transparency and evidence of measurable outcomes for the services it provides.

The client contacts Breakwater Associates for assistance. After several telephone discussions and an on-site meeting with the Executive Leadership, Breakwater Associates designed a comprehensive scope of work that established the duration, milestones, outcomes and expected achievements, within their operating budget. Breakwater Associates provided several Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to provide hands-on technical assistance to the client’s key staff.  The project was an overwhelming success and the institutional controls implemented by Breakwater Associates has allowed the client to provide a program that can meet today’s rigorous performance standards and respond to future opportunities.

Our industry driven SME’s allow us to develop deep knowledge of each client’s business and to provide an informed perspective on today’s complex challenges.